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Common problems´╝Ü

Question 1: Unable to cut through or shallow joint cutting

Answer: observe whether the light in the laser tube is weaker than that in the new tube and meet light at the outlet of laser tube directly with temporary articles (such as acrylic plate) without passing through reflector to feel whether there is abnormal light spot or obvious weak light. Please contact us in time.

Question 2: laser tube suddenly doesn't emit light

Answer: please confirm the good laser tube has no damage and the water circulation is well. First check whether the current changes or not when the amperemeter of laser gear is set to emit light manually. If it changes, please check whether the fan of laser power supply for the device can function normally. If the fan of laser power supply doesn't function normally, please turn off the device, pull out and insert all switches and bolts of power supply again, turn on the device and check whether the laser tube can emit light normally. If light still can't be emitted, please recheck the amperemeter and fan of power supply. There are many reasons for the laser tube not to emit light. If the problem of power supply can't be removed simply, please contact the customer service department of our company for them to solve your problems.

Question 3: laser tube strikes fire

Answer: if it is found that the laser tube strikes fire, be sure to turn off the laser gear temporarily so as to avoid any unnecessary damage. Generally, it is caused for the laser tube isn't installed properly or the wall behind the device is relatively wet. If it isn't caused as a result of humidity, please reinstall the high line part of laser tube. First, please pay attention to the remaining electricity in the high-voltage part. Second, don't touch electrode forcibly or keep its temperature too high during welding (the electrode and glass may fall off or get loose with improper force, too high temperature may cause heat transfer between electrode and glass and too high temperature of glass may cause cracks). Wrap the connection part (namely insulation part) at the high-voltage end with preservative film after insulation to prevent dust from entering or prevent it from getting wet.

The above suggestions are only for reference! SDZ demands that customer contacts us in time when a problem occurs so as to solve it as soon as possible.
Please note that the damage caused by customers for not following the operating instructions will not be covered by the quality promise of SDZ.