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Laser power supply

Advantages of SDZ laser power supply: energy efficient, extended long service life of laser tube, extremely fast response speed, self-protection function.

Stable performance:The materials of each power supply are strictly selected (main parts are all imported with original packages) and a special transformer is used to keep the output voltage and the wave of low-pass filter stable. It can work in a very wide voltage range. Multi-process examination, low-temperature test, full-load high-temperature aging.
Long service life:Very strong anti-interference ability, no-barrier working life up to tens of thousands hours.
Well compatibility:Match with different CO2 laser tubes of different laser tube manufacturers.
Fast response speed:Able to carve and cut under the high-efficiency, high-frequency and high-speed conditions.
Extend the service life of laser tube: The SDZ power supply can make CO2 laser tube start easily to fully exert its performance and features high conversion efficiency so as to obviously extend the service life of laser.
Simple control:High or low-level control can be selected and TTL level can be used to control the startup and stop of laser. It is easy to control the laser power with 0~5V analog signal or PWM (pulse width modulation) signal.
Protection function:The power supply has a protection switch to detect whether there is water or ventilation outside. Under the condition of well protective grounding, the power supply can work in the open-circuit state for a short period of time so as to prevent laser tube from blowing out and damaging the laser power supply.

Four advantages of SDZ

  • Excellent life and stability
    SDZ is the first to create the laser tube with 12,000-hour life and its life and stability reaches A+ level.
  • Special packaging
    All export goods of SDZ are specially packaged with extremely small volume and excellent safety, which can effectively save 80% of customer's hauling charge.
  • 24*7 one-to-one service consultant
    We provide you with 24*7 one-to-one service consultant and multiple communication methods to meet your requirement as soon as possible.
  • Promise of zero risk purchase
    We accept multiple payment methods, including PayPal, and strictly follow quality assurance promise. Broken products during transportation will be redelivered so that customer can purchase SDZ products with zero risk.

SDZ zero risk promise:

Service life: 3 years Warranty period: 365 days

When the customer receives SDZ laser power supply, if a product quality problem occurs, we will replace or maintain it for you freely and the new laser power supply will follow the warranty of replaced one.

You can contact us at any time by the following means and the system will assign a SDZ professional service consultant to you automatically.
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Of course, you can also contact us directly by Email and we will response in one working day.

Product parameters

Model X1 X3 X5
Output Power 60-80W 100W 130-180W
Size L×W×H L×W×H=220×155×80(mm) L×W×H=295×165×80(mm) L×W×H=340×200×80(mm)
Max Output Voltage DC 35KV DC 50KV DC 50KV
Max Output Current DC 35mA DC 35mA DC 38mA
Input Input Voltage AC220V or AC110V (please attach a note when placing an order)
AC Frequency 47―440Hz
Cold Surge Current ≤60A( input AC220V)/≤30A(input AC110V)
Leakage Current ≤0.7mA(input AC220V)/≤0.4mA(input AC110V)
Running Efficiency ≤92 (full-load)
MTBF(Mean Time Between Failures) ≤10000 hours
Response Speed ≤1ms(from Switching signal to the output current achieve to 90% of Pre-set current)
Control Port TTL Level switch control,valid level has high/low choices.
Voltage-resisting input output, input machine shell;AC1500V 10mA 60s output cathode is connected with the machine shell
Protection Used in open-circuit state within a short time (request that the outer shell be well connected with the
ground, in the meantime, avoid arcing between anode and machine shell.)
Working Environment Work temperature:(-10―40)℃.Relative humidity:≤90%
Cooling Type Forced air cooling