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Why choose us

Four advantages of SDZ

  • SDZ LASER: Excellent life and stability
    Excellent life and stability
    SDZ is the first to create the laser tube with 12,000-hour life and its life and stability reaches A+ level.
  • SDZ LASER: Special packaging
    Special packaging
    All export goods of SDZ are specially packaged with extremely small volume and excellent safety, which can effectively save 80% of customer's hauling charge.
  • SDZ LASER: 24*7 one-to-one service consultant
    24*7 one-to-one service consultant
    We provide you with 24*7 one-to-one service consultant and multiple communication methods to meet your requirement as soon as possible.
  • SDZ LASER: Promise of ZERO-RISK purchase
    Promise of ZERO-RISK purchase
    We accept multiple payment methods, including PayPal, and strictly follow quality assurance promise. Broken products during transportation will be redelivered so that customer can purchase SDZ products with zero risk.

Product quality test:

Professional tester of SDZ Laser obtains the following data by comparing 60W – 200W CO2 laser tubes of more than 10 manufacturers at home and abroad.
* Note: We are only responsible for the accuracy of the test sample in the following test results, which are only for reference.

Power consumption:

Power consumption is the most important factor to measure the quality of laser tube and is directly related to the product's theoretical life, so it is our core test item.

* Note: The test samples are all 150W and are computed as the average of multiple tests.
SZD Laser: Power consumption

Actual life:

SZD Laser: Actual life

Cost performance:

(computed according to comprehensive quality coefficient \ price):
SZD Laser: Cost performance